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Business Continuity & Crisis Management

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is required to protect life and limb of the employees and the company’s property, maintain the company’s ability to act and   thereby protect its reputation and - last but not least - fulfil external regulatory requirements and standards.

Therefore it is vital to understand that BCM requires crisis management and crisis communication and that it must be easy to understand and implement. And not to forget: it must be tested and practised regularly.

Our Approach

We support our clients throughout the planning and the implementation of all BCM cycle phases:

  • Design & implementation of tests
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Crisis Management Setup
  • Crisis Management Training covering a wide range of eventualities, from awareness sessions up to emergency exercises based on individual and complex scenarios

Our Experience

  • Design, implementation and follow-up of tests for various German banks
  • Design and implementation of business impact analyses at various financial institutions
  • Crisis Management Training at various financial institutions - in cooperation with a proven expert in BCM, crisis management and crisis communication