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Partners in Risk Management

Non Financial Risk

We help our clients to design, enhance, implement or validate Non-Financial Risk (NFR) frameworks covering all relevant risk categories (e.g. Operational Risk, Information Security Risk, Sourcing Risk, Business Continuity Management, Reputational Risk). With our broad experience we ensure a state-of-the-art setup that is compliant with the relevant regulatory framework and fulfils client specific needs considering size and complexity of the business model.

Examples of how we help our clients include:

  • Streamlining NFR: We support our clients to further streamline the current setup of NFR covering the risk taxonomy, the organizational setup and relevant processes between and within 1st and 2nd Line of Defence (LoD).
  • Model Validation: We help banks in validating Operational Risk models, both independently and alongside internal validation teams, which brings external experience and accelerates the model validation phase.
  • Risk Management: We support our clients to design or enhance the risk management life cycles for the relevant subcategories of NFR (e.g. operational risk, information security risk, sourcing risk, reputational risk) ensuring consistency between the affected subcategories and the overarching operational risk management.
  • NFR Software selection and implementation: Following our expertise we frequently support our clients in the NFR software selection and implementation processes to ensure the best possible outcome and integration in the NFR context.
  • On Site Inspection: We are often requested to assist in the preparation and in the course of On Site Inspections in the NFR field. With our knowledge we ensure a suitable preparation that covers the critical topics and support our clients to realise potential quick wins upfront.

C: Martin Ruf
D: +49 151 - 16 72 85 20