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Partners in Risk Management

Non-Financial Risk Management

Establishing an integrated NFR framework not only requires a standardised, stringent taxonomy and harmonized risk management methodology for all control functions, but also a clear definition of responsibilities amongst the lines of defence.

Key Project Experience

  • A large savings bank (D-SIB) was applying different methods for risk identification and evaluation within various second line risk functions. This was both resource intensive and led partly to contradictory reports and possibly poor management decisions. The project aimed at integrating previously co-existent processes to reduce resource consumption what was more accepted by the business units in the end. Furthermore reports were made more meaningful which improved risk control.
  • Numerous projects in the field of NFR start with the desire for greater harmony between the multitude of instruments and methods used in various risk management functions. We supported a large building society in documenting the status quo and designing strategic guidelines towards integrated risk management, thus laying the foundations to establish a separate NFR unit.

C: Christof Born
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