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Partners in Risk & Capital Management

About Us

We provide strategic and tactical advice to banks and insurance companies, manage complex projects, perform stress tests, develop better and faster methodologies, and create the tools and models to give our clients a competitive edge.

Fintegral was founded in 2009 by Dr Jörg Behrens, a former partner and Global Head of Risk Analytics at Ernst & Young. With offices in London, Zurich, Frankfurt and New York, our client list includes some of the biggest names in banking and insurance.

The business has expanded rapidly and in 2016 we merged with the German consultancy Dr Peter & Co. to offer clients a more comprehensive set of solutions in both quantitative and qualitative fields.

Our employees hold advanced degrees in quantitative disciplines. We pride ourselves on our mathematical skills and problem-solving abilities. As well as having decades of commercial experience, Fintegral retains strong links with academia and is at the forefront of developing new solutions in quantitative finance.