Regulatory Management & Advice

The Latest on Regulatory Changes and their Implementation

In recent years national and international regulatory requirements have increased in volume and complexity while also becoming more interconnected. As such, many banks have created centralised units responsible for categorising new rules and assigning them internally to relevant departments to ensure consistent communication with the regulators.

Nonetheless individual departments, such as risk control and compliance, remain responsible for assessing regulatory requirements and their consequences for the bank. If required, the departments are authorised to act on the regulations. This is where Fintegral’s expertise can support you.

Our approach

  • We have been monitoring and analysing both national (German, Swiss, UK and US) and international regulatory developments for many years and we keep clients aware of the implications for risk management and control functions.
  • When material changes emerge, as a first step we establish a workshop to analyse how the changes will affect your bank before prioritising with the client those areas where action is needed.
  • This provides the basis for a more in-depth gap analysis where we show you the areas of need and prepare proposals to close the gaps.
  • Naturally Fintegral also supports its clients in implementing the new regulations, e.g. by integration into existing processes and setting up or updating documentation.

Our experience

Regulators have come up with lots of new requirements in recent years. Fintegral is particularly experienced in:

  • The development and implementation of Recovery Plans according to European, German and UK requirements, i.e. BRRD, MaSan, FCA Handbook
  • Gap analysis Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP)
  • Gap analysis and fulfilling requirements according to the (draft) guidelines on the collection of information related to the ICAAP and ILAAP
  • Gap analysis and implementation of measures for risk management and control (MaRisk)