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Climate Risk

We help banks to identify, measure and monitor climate-related risks. Our technical experts support banks from initial high-level risk identification and mapping, to detailed portfolio vulnerability and sensitivity analyses, through to designing and implementing sophisticated firm-wide climate stress-testing models. This ensures our clients can quickly identify the most concentrated climate exposures in their portfolios whilst making strategic enhancements to their risk management frameworks over the long run.

  • Risk Inventory: We assist our clients to build an inventory of climate-related risk drivers and transmission channels to quickly identify the primary routes through which climate change may impact the bank.
  • Vulnerability Mapping: We accelerate the mapping and quantitative analysis of climate risks across the bank’s portfolio to build climate-sensitive taxonomies and reveal sensitive or concentrated portfolio segments.
  • Scenario Analysis & Stress Testing: Our highly technical teams support the design and development of stress tests, from qualitative narratives through to quantitative scenario generation and climate-enabled impact modelling, providing a holistic view of climate risk across the bank.
  • Regulatory Requirements: Our consultants provide clear and actionable guidance on current and upcoming regulatory requirements, including institution-appropriate target states and corresponding gap analyses.
  • Data: We assist our clients in identifying and sourcing new data sets to support the modelling infrastructure required for climate-aware risk management framework

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